Innovator/Investment Banker

“Five Star Diamond Innovative Entrepreneur Award: Selected for his Innovation, Determination, Branding Expertise, and Brilliant Success as an Entrepreneur.”

Gary began raising money for startups/early stage companies in the 1980s and helping them with their Wall Street deals. As CEO of DilogR, Gary did not invent interactive personalized engagement marketing but he is popularizing it.


Gary moderating an equity crowdfunding panel with Mark Cuban of Shark Tank as a panelist.

After winning a number of academic awards in literature at NYU, Gary turned from being a poet and novelist to business. His book, Crowdfunding: The Next Big Thing, became an instant Amazon bestseller. His speaker topics include innovation, crowdfunding, interactive marketing, technology and entrepreneurship.


Being a father of two daughters is like shaving. No matter how well you shaved today, you have to do it again tomorrow. As a former semi­pro baseball player I was always ready to bat for my daughters Danielle and Alexandra.

In fact, I coached both of them in tennis, soccer and softball. Anyone can be a father but it takes work to be a good dad.