Books by Gary Spirer

Gary has written a few books beginning in 2011.  His latest book, Crowdfunding: The Next Big Thing, became an instant bestseller on Amazon when published in January 2014. His writing focuses on the practical in order to empower inspired entrepreneurs.

Gary is also an empowering public speaker, delivering presentations at events like IBM Connect, SXSW, IMS Pulse, Kingonomics (with Mark Cuban), AdTech, ICON, Author101University, Jay Abraham and GKIC.  His topics include innovation, crowdfunding, interactive marketing, technology, lifestyle and entrepreneurship.

Contact Information for Speeches

To contact Gary about speeches, you can reach him via email or the below info: Spirer
43 Rainey Street Suite 3201
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: 1(800) 455-9632 (9-6PM EST)

Gary has written three best selling books on Amazon. His latest book, Crowdfunding: The Next Big Thing, is a best seller on Amazon.

Crowdfunding: The Winning Formula
Crowdfunding: The Winning Formula