Who is Gary?

Gary Spirer  is the chief evangelist and Founder of DilogR. Gary started his boutique investment banking firm Capital Hill Group in the 1980s (a member of FINRA, governed by SEC). He started his career at  the prestigious investment banking firm Lazard Freres, where he worked at their real estate affiliate. Subsequently, Gary founded his own real estate company, Capital Hill Realty. In real estate Gary has developed, syndicated and invested in properties that in today’s value, aggregate over $500 million. Gary has raised over $60 million dollars from individuals and small funds.

Gary holds a bachelor’s degree in Literature from New York University graduating magna cum laude with an MBA in Finance from Columbia University. His love for literature, education, and teaching drives him to write despite his busy schedule.

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Long Bio

Gary was born in Queens, New York. His family moved from Far Rockaway to Hewlett Long Island. They weren’t poor, but his father always lived his life as though they were still in the Great Depression. His mother was a housewife, and his father was a businessman in garment district in New York City.

Gary owes his writing career to his reading teacher Mrs. Klein. She taught Gary there was more to reading than just American Indians and baseball books, which were all Gary liked to read in high school.

Gary became an avid reader and took to writing poetry. He wanted to be a novelist, which he pursued first at Lafayette and then at New York University. As a young man he decided he wanted to become the opposite of his father. A poet sounded like a good option for him. Contrary to most writers, Gary was also very athletic and started his Lafayette College years on the freshman basketball team. At NYU Gary was runner-up for a Rhodes Scholarship in literature and turned down a Wilson Scholarship in literature.

Gary’s dreams of a professional baseball career were dashed after a rotator cuff injury. He attended the NYU Law School for a year and then decided to try his hand at teaching literature. But quickly, Gary realized that teaching seventh and eighth grade in New York City was not going to be very rewarding emotionally or financially. He was seriously disillusioned how the young students were taught literature — and how the system and tenure was so entrenched.

The following year Gary entered the MBA program at Columbia University. He liked this curriculum much better.

Gary remained at Lazard Frere for a year until he learned how to evaluate the real estate deals and find them. Then he partnered with one group in his first year to find and syndicate real estate. That partnership left Gary without the $1 million he had earned as his share. The second partnership was a repeat of not getting the money he had earned.

Gary swore off partnerships and struck out on his own with a loan of $15,000. He decided to pursue investment banking and raising money for startups, early stage businesses, and real estate.

By age 31, Gary retired to Boca Raton to write and raise his two children. After his ownership in coal mines and entertainment businesses soured, he returned to his investment banking and real estate businesses.

Gary became fascinated with the idea of universal principles and repeating patterns of success. He began to study from pre-biblical times to the present what made some people successful and others not. Gary began to develop models that incorporated these universal principles and patterns. He’d study up to 12 hours a day.



DilogR.com: Chief evangelist, CEO/Founder

The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences

The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS) is an establishment of reviewers specializing in the reviewing of hotels, resorts, spas, airlines, cruise lines, automobiles, products, restaurants and chefs. It is most notably known for its reviews on the hotels, resorts, and travel industries. The Academy started of as a restaurant rating bureau, founded in 1949. The current establishment is an offspring of this early group of reviewers and was officially founded in 1989.

Gary is an international Trustee for AAHS.


EuroCircle.com is a social network for Europeans and people who have a keen interest in Europe, its culture and people. EuroCircle was founded in 1999 (in New York City) and it is 100 % run by volunteer teams around the world. Gary is an advisor for them.